Beauty, Health, Comfort & Quality rolled into one.

Tahorah, meaning PURE (Hebrew) is just that. Not only is it one of the most environmentally friendly fibres, this pure fabric, sourced from one of creations superfoods, brings the softness and luxury along with the quality and the vast health benefits that linen offers. We know that you will love the switch to wearing, sleeping in and using linen in your everyday life.

Linen for every day life.

What’s New!

100% linen wrap dress.

Hadassah Wrap Dress *NEW*

Named after Hadassah, more commonly known as Queen Esther from the bible, she was an incredibly inspiring woman of the tribe of Benjamin and lived during the time that Israel was exiled. Orphaned as a young girl and later raised by her cousin she eventually became Queen of Persia who saved her entire people. Esther reminds us that nothing is impossible with God and that we are all created for such a time as this.

This sleeveless woven wrap dress is light enough for a summer night and elegant enough for a formal event. This beautiful and breezy wrap dress will keep you cool and covered on hot days while adding a little glam to your closet. Made from 100% stonewashed Cairo linen it features hidden buttons and a front tie wrap. 

*Model shown is wearing size 6 in White. 

Bedding Collection

Bra Collection

COMING SOON! Stay tuned this fall for the Tahorah Mens & Kids Collections, and the Womens Bottoms - Pants, Shorts & Skirts


About Tahorah Designs and why we made the switch to 100% Linen and made it our mission to provide Linen garments and bedding to our community both locally and at large.


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