Why Linen?

 Linen is one of those incredible super materials with endless benefits.
Strength and durability
It is considered to be the strongest of all natural fibres and has even been found to get stronger (and softer!) with washes. It dates back to 8000 BC and in ancient Egypt it was used as currency because of its strength and durability.
Natural Fibre
Linen is made from flax with an even lower environmental impact than cotton.
Antibacterial & Absorbant
Linen is ultra breathable and highly absorbant gaining up to 20% of its dry weight in moisture while staying dry to the touch!
Naturally inspect repellant
No moth holes!
Its luxurious
The lengthy process of creating linen is why it is considered to be among the most luxurious natural fabrics and why it is commonly more expensive than other natural materials like cotton.
Health Benefits
Linen has been used for centuries dating back to ancient Egypt and its benefits are still being enjoyed today. It has been said that Linen brings a number of health benefits including speeding up the healing of wounds, reducing chronic disease and inflammation in the body and was even found to reduce the chances of developing bedsores for patients bedridden for long periods of time compared to those lying in beds covered in other fibres.

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